Attention to detail, on time, flexible with my schedule, affordable, and most importantly, listened to my needs and wants.

I can’t be thankful enough for the Skinny Squirrel and Nerissafor the transformation of my garage. I had been overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I had gathered through the years, thinking I knew where everything was, just not realizing, I had no idea. I would say to myself, I have that, then after spending time and getting frustrated, would end up at the store to buy it instead.

Jeff David

I needed help, serious help.. As a person who always had the train of thought "I might need this one day", that thinking began my years of disorganization, hoarding of needless items, and stress. I always thought I would be able to handle it myself, but numerous times I failed after hours of just going around circles. Embarrassed at letting someone see my mess and how bad it became, I swallowed my pride and I contacted Skinny Squirrel for help. Nerissa came out and evaluated my situation. She was on time, professional, and listened to my needs and wants. She took notes (something you don’t see very often). She was exactly what I needed. She helped me transform my nightmare garage into a beautiful and organized space. It far exceed my expectations and at a very affordable price. The best thing was, she was incredible at finding me the storage shelving and containers online that far beat the quality and price at home repair stores.

I have been able to proudly showcase my transformed garage to family and friends. Everything has its place, and maintaining it is so easy now. She didn’t just help me with organization, but helped with my train of thought. Thank you Skinny Squirrel. I will be using them again in the near future for my closets and office.

Richard J

We were caught in the 2008 housing crises with an almost empty home to sell. Picking up used furniture on craigslist was the only way that we could afford to demonstrate the size of the rooms to potential buyers. We were at a loss as to how to arrange the odds and ends. In one day, Skinny Squirrel arranged each room into an attractive and inviting atmosphere. She even created a centerpiece to add color to our dining room. We were very thankful to know someone with the specific talent we needed to help us sell our home.

Suzanne H