Closet reorg/Design

Closets, no matter what size, have a great impact on daily routines and housekeeping efficiencies. Whether it is a minor reorganization or designing and installing a new closet system I will help you navigate this process by looking at your challenges and coming up with creative solutions to satisfy your needs.

Clutter Control

A cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind. Home is where you go to escape the chaos…your refuge. I will help you identify excess items that do not serve a purpose, have special meaning or are a hindrance to housekeeping and energy flow

Couples Integration

When couples finally make the step to combine households it can sometimes bring challenges in space availability, organization and styles. I will provide creative solutions that take the individual styles and desires and creatively combine them into a stylish and well organized environment.


I will be able to assist empty nesters or homeowners who wish to streamline their household and create a more minimalist approach to living.

Home Staging

Home staging is necessary and can drastically influence the offers you receive. If you are still living in the property while it is being shown, then it is necessary for you to maintain the staged appearance. Organization is the key to maintaining that look. I will consult and assist you with the staging process, creatively using your own property in order to keep costs minimal.